Membership of the local Conservatives is about community, and pulling together to get a job done, effecting change and wielding power responsibly.

We are a broad church, we have those on the far left of the Conservative Party who would be comfortable discussing Buddhism and meditation and those on the far right of the Party who would certainly not! The vast majority of Conservatives are somewhere in-between. What we all agree on are a few fundamental tenets of social structure:

Constitutional Democracy is important. We are a proud nation, with fine traditions, and one of the longest standing systems of government in history. That history is one of mature discussion, debate and finding the best solution to all our issues through democratic means. Debate, discussion and disagreement are three things we are all very comfortable with. Anyone can express an opinion and everyone's opinion is as valid as the next persons.

Equality. Absolutely, should all persons be equal and be given equal opportunity to fail, as well as to succeed in life.

Liberal Capitalism. Everyone should be given the freedom to get as rich as they like, to innovate as much as they wish to; as long as that pursuit of success does not harm others or destroy the opportunity of others to do the same.

If you find yourself agreeing with one of more of the above statements you should join, and help us make sure that this philosophy is at the heart of local, national and international government, providing pragmatic, fair and democratic solutions to all.

As well as this we are a hugely social bunch, and have regular meet ups to put the world to rights, treasure hunts, dinners, balls, markets and even murder mystery events!

Please feel free to browse the different branches in our different areas on the left.