Cllr. Claire Rylott

Claire Rylott in 2015 was elected as the Kirton, Frampton Councillor on Boston Borough Councillor & Holme Ward. Claire is also the Cabinet Member for Leisure Services & Parks and Open Spaces.Contact info:

Cllr. Judith Skinner

Judith was first elected to Boston Borough Council for the Fishtoft Ward in 2011 a seat which she held in 2015.

Cllr. Skinner is the Chair of the Environment and Performance Committee at the Borough.

Contact info:


Phone: 01205 353754

Cllr. Steve Woodliffe

Steve was first elected a Boston Borough Councillor for the Boston West Ward in 2011 and retained his seat in the 2015 Borough Elections.

Cllr. Colin Brotherton

Colin was first elected the Boston Borough Councillor for the Kirton, Frampton & Holme Ward in 2011 and retained his seat at the 2015 borough elections.