Litter affects us all. It blights our local environment in Boston and Skegness and costs Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council £644,000 and £893,000 respectively to clean-up. That is why the new Litter Strategy sets out plans to help to tackle this anti-social behaviour, making Boston and Skegness a more attractive area and helping our local economy to prosper and grow.

Crag Fringe - Rural Subsidies

At a crag meeting we were addressed by Lord Abergavenny and Nusrat Ghani MP, both of whom gave a splendid introduction to what proved to be a fascinating set of speakers.

Article 50 by March 2017

Theresa May set out her stall for the Brexit process.

There will not be constant 'blow-by-blow' coverage of the negotiation as 'you don't show the other side your bottom line'.

Membership changing for good

At the national convention a number of proposals were made to the convention (which are the chairmen and some other officers of all Conservative associations.)

PM rejects snap election

Theresa May rejects early election.

At the national convention the Prime Minister gate an address and took questions.

On an early election she said:

"We will do what is in the long-term interests of the country & not what is in the short term interests of the party."

Off to conference

The Conservative Party Conference is upon us and about to begin.

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The following association officers are attending conference:

Tom Ashton (Chairman)

An Enlightening Association AGM

In a meeting of the association at The Vine Hotel in Skegness, an interested bunch of local Conservatives met to discuss the events of the last year and vote on association officers over the coming year.

Emma McClarkin

Your European Parliamentary report from Emma McClarkin MEP